Congratulations on your engagement and approaching marriage! The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred of all rituals of the church. It is both a celebration and a solemn rite in which a man and a woman pledge themselves to each other under the blessings of God and are united by Him in holy wedlock.


It is the desire of this church, the pastor, and its staff to make every wedding a memorable, beautiful and meaningful event and to extend every possible courtesy to wedding parties. It is also our intent, however, to maintain the high standards associated with weddings at Green Acres Baptist Church. The policies listed here are designed to accomplish both of these purposes. They have proven to be appropriate and practical and are to be followed by all concerned.


In order to have your wedding at Green Acres Baptist Church, one of the following must be a GABC member: bride, groom, bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride’s grandparents, groom’s grandparents.


All weddings must be scheduled through the GABC Scheduling Coordinator. Upon scheduling your wedding with the Coordinator, you will receive a booklet containing a wedding application, permits and other forms used by the church. The Coordinator will also be able to answer any questions you may have not addressed here.

Accepted Counseling Methods


Join and actively participate in the Nearly/Newlywed Class taught on Sundays. This will be a four (4) month commitment that is taught two times per year. (Spring/Fall) This is the best and most exciting way to begin the lifetime journey of knowing and understanding your partner. You must attend 80% of the classes in order to qualify for being married here at Green Acres.


You can also take the Prepare and Enrich Marriage Assessment. This assessment is NOT a pass or fail test. It is designed to give you additional insight and understanding into the person you are marrying. It also gives the minister performing the marriage the ability to personalize your ceremony. You may contact GraceWorks or go to Prepare-Enrich to locate a qualified facilitator.


Have counseling done with the required amount of hours by another minister or professional marriage counselor.

Any individual who is legally authorized to perform weddings will be permitted to perform a wedding ceremony at Green Acres Baptist Church.

Pricing and building availability varies. The Scheduling Coordinator is responsible for scheduling weddings and receptions in addition to other church events. To verify the area you want is available on the date you need, please make your request by email.




You will be able to access the Chapel and any room you have reserved for your reception on the day of the event as early as 8:00 a.m. You may bring in any stationary objects, such as arches, podiums, etc., (not fresh flowers) on the day of the rehearsal to decorate for your wedding in the Chapel ONLY. The air conditioning will be turned on two hours before the rehearsal is scheduled to begin.


Bride’s Room


The key to the Bride’s room may be picked up the day before the wedding by the Bride, Bridesmaid/Matron of Honor or Mother of the Bride. It must be picked up from the Scheduling Coordinator before the church offices close for the day. (3:00 p.m.) You may store any necessary decorations, gowns, tuxes, etc. in the Bride’s Room overnight the night before wedding. Everything must be removed by the end of the event. The Bride’s Room key must be returned to the Scheduling Coordinator or church receptionist no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday after the wedding. The Bride’s Room is located on the left hallway of the Chapel and includes a full size mirror, dressing vanities and a restroom.


Bethany Suite


The Bethany Suite (located near the Bookstore in the Worship Center) will hold a maximum of 50 people for a wedding and 100 people for a reception. It is for small weddings and receptions only. IT WILL REMAIN AS IS—no permanent furnishings will be moved. You may use the round tables in the Bethany Suite for the Bride’s cake and Groom’s cake and any other serving tables may be set up in the foyer right outside the Bethany Suite. Up to five round tables (with 6-8 chairs each) may be set up in the foyer also. The two rooms adjacent to the Bethany Suite, the Mary and Martha Rooms, may be used for overflow seating and will hold up to 30 chairs each. A signed contract is required for this room. Please see the Wedding Guidelines Book available from the Scheduling Coordinator’s office.


Galilee Room


The Galilee Room (located at the far end of the foyer) will hold a maximum of 400 people standing room style or 200 banquet style at 5′ round tables. You may have tables for both serving and sitting. There is a catering/warming kitchen which must be left clean when the event is over.