Our Team


David O. Dykes

Senior Pastor

Michael Gossett

Teaching Pastor

Jeff Young

Executive Pastor

Mike Parks

Worship Pastor

Coordinating Staff

Walter Ballou

Student Pastor

Debbie Stuart

Women’s Minister

Eddy Espinosa

Director of Operations

Jennifer Grigsby

Minister to Kids

Todd Stuart

Stewardship Director

Bryan Grant

Minister to Single Adults

Tibby Wright

Minister of Broadcast Media

Kevin Burdette

Minister to Senior Adults & Pastoral Care

Ken Brumley

Director - Graceworks Counseling

Jason Smith

Mobilization Minister

Jeremy Jones

Minister to Adults

Blake Arrington

Minister to College & Young Singles

Chance Riehl

Resonate Worship Pastor/Communications Director

Kyle Cox

Minister of Recreation

Amanda DeMoss

Assistant Stewardship Director

Specialty Staff

Lee Poe

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jane Simmons

Licensed Professional Counselor

Amy Hendricks

Pre-School Associate

Darah Partida

Elementary Associate

Chris Carter

Database Manager

Casey Hawkins

Director of Video Engineering & Live Production

Mark Leonard

Audio Director

Mike Foudy

Lighting Director

Tucker Steele

Crosswalk Technical Director

Marla Carlile

EEC Director

Bryan Cross

IT Director

Stacie Nipp

3s & 4s Coordinator

Clement Ohio


Thom Clark

Impact Sports

Jason Humphrey

High School Minister

Kurt Fehlis

Middle School Minister

Meghan Goad

Girls Minister

Taylor Gibson

Women's Ministry Associate

Angie Smith

Children's & Middle School Music Coordinator

Billy Bob Dempsey

Minister of Instrumental Music

Kelvin Reed

Associate Minister of Worship

Tim Nipp

Music Director

Connor Newsom

Associate Communications Director/Resonate Coordinator

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