Scheduling Coordinator
Debbie Fisher


The Scheduling Office is located on the second floor of the Lighthouse in the Administrative Suite

Bride's RoomBride's RoomBride's RoomBride's Room

Congratulations on your engagement and approaching marriage! The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred of all rituals of the church. It is both a celebration and a solemn rite in which a man and a woman pledge themselves to each other under the blessings of God and are united by Him in holy wedlock.

It is the desire of this church, the pastor, and its staff to make every wedding a memorable, beautiful and meaningful event and to extend every possible courtesy to wedding parties. It is also our intent, however, to maintain the high standards associated with weddings at Green Acres Baptist Church. The policies listed here are designed to accomplish both of these purposes. They have proven to be appropriate and practical and are to be followed by all concerned.

In order to have your wedding at Green Acres Baptist Church, one of the following must be a GABC member: bride, groom, bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride’s grandparents, groom’s grandparents.

All weddings must be scheduled through Debbie Fisher, the GABC Scheduling Coordinator, 903-525-1126. Upon scheduling your wedding with the Coordinator, you will receive a booklet containing a wedding application, permits and other forms used by the church. The Coordinator will also be able to answer any questions you may have not addressed here.

Counseling Requirements for Marriage

Accepted Counseling Methods

Guidelines for Florists and Caterers

Decorations and food for weddings and receptions are a vital element in the beauty of the occasion. They are also, unfortunately, one of the greatest potential sources for damage to church facilities and miscommunication between all concerned. The following guidelines are designed to enhance both the beauty of your wedding and protect the beauty of the church facilities.

Please understand, the parents of the bride are responsible for any damages to carpet, furniture or buildings. It is to your advantage to be certain your florist and caterer understand and follow these policies by signing and returning the forms provided in the bridal packet available from the Scheduling Coordinator 903-525-1126.


Church property within the Worship Center or Chapel may only be moved by the Green Acres maintenance staff. Furniture may not be relocated from one part of the building to another. Green Acres Baptist Church musical instruments may not be moved at all. All setup arrangements for the reception must be indicated on the Setup Maintenance Request Form (available in the bridal packet) and given to the Scheduling Coordinator one month prior to the wedding.


You may have access to any of the buildings as early as 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the wedding and/or reception to decorate the rooms you will be using.

Due to lack of storage facilities, anything brought in by the wedding party, florist, caterer or a rental company must be removed immediately.

No nails, tacks, pins, wire or adhesives are to be used in any place or on any furniture in the church to secure decorations. Pipe cleaners, coated floral wire or padded clamps may be used to adhere arrangements and bows to pews.

When and where candles are used, proper protection must be provided for all carpet and property. Candles must be of a dripless variety and be snuffed out, not blown, to prevent splattered wax. Pew candelabras must have globes or use inserts for mechanical candles and use a padding that does not leave a residue on the wood.

If a Green Acres Baptist Church custodian is requested to assist with decorations, he shall be paid by the one requesting his/her assistance at the rate normally paid to him by the church.


Only birdseed or bubbles may be used for the “send off” of the bride and groom, and these may be used only outside of the buildings. We are sorry, but the safety of the participants and the facilities require us to prohibit the use of rice, confetti, flower petals, potpourri or any other material.


Please clean up all areas after you finish decorating. All equipment should be removed from the ceremony area immediately following the ceremony and picture taking. Green Acres Baptist Church will not store floral equipment. Green Acres Baptist Church does not provide any cleaning equipment such as vacuums for cleanup. You must provide your own.
Due to necessary cleanup, the reception area will need to be cleared by 9:30 p.m.

Food Restrictions

There will be NO colored punch served in any church building. Mustard, ketchup or tomato-based foods, which would stain the carpet, are not allowed in any church building.


The Green Acres Baptist Church maintenance staff is responsible for requested setup prior to the wedding reception.

The maintenance staff is not responsible for:

  • cleanup after flower preparation
  • “bussing” for the reception
  • cleanup of decorations and floral/caterer’s equipment
  • admitting florists or caterers to parts of the church other than the specified areas where the wedding and/or reception will be held.

The facilities are dedicated to the Lord and we ask that all parties treat them with reverence and respect.

  • Use of inappropriate language is prohibited.
  • Proper dress is required for preparation and at the wedding and reception.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages or items resembling such beverages is strictly prohibited on the premises or in any of the buildings.
  • Smoking is not allowed in church buildings at any time.
  • No furniture is to be moved or used to stand on.

Outside caterers will be held responsible for any lost equipment or damage to equipment or facilities during their use.

Please contact the Scheduling Coordinator at 903-525-1126 for any questions or concerns you may have.


If your reception is on campus and you have to leave the main building. You must make arrangements with the maintenance staff to return to the main building so it will be unlocked. Otherwise, if you leave the building for any period of time, it will be locked and you will not be able to get back in. If your reception is off campus, you will not be able to get back into the Chapel and/or basement.

If you wish to have a reception at Green Acres Baptist Church, you have several options available to you. Please confirm the availability of the room you would prefer with the Scheduling Coordinator, 903-525-1126. The following is a list of rooms Green Acres Baptist Church has to offer. You may decorate the room you will be using as early as 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the reception. There will be NO colored punch served in any church building. Mustard, ketchup or tomato-based foods, which would stain the carpet, are NOT allowed.

Bethany Suite

The Bethany Suite (located near the Bookstore in the Worship Center) will hold a maximum of 50 people for a wedding and 100 people for a reception. It is for small weddings and receptions only. IT WILL REMAIN AS IS—no permanent furnishings will be moved. You may use the round tables in the Bethany Suite for the Bride’s cake and Groom’s cake and any other serving tables may be set up in the foyer right outside the Bethany Suite. Up to five round tables (with 6-8 chairs each) may be set up in the foyer also. The two rooms adjacent to the Bethany Suite, the Mary and Martha Rooms, may be used for overflow seating and will hold up to 30 chairs each. A signed contract is required for this room. Please see the Wedding Guidelines Book available from the Scheduling Coordinator’s office.

Galilee Room

The Galilee Room (located at the far end of the foyer) will hold a maximum of 400 people standing room style or 200 banquet style. You may have tables for both serving and sitting. There is a catering/warming kitchen which must be left clean when the event is over.

Reception Hostess

If you have chosen to have a reception at Green Acres Baptist Church, you will be assigned a Reception Hostess. This person is a representative of the church and will be at your reception to make sure the church policies are followed and to oversee your event. Our Food Service Director may be available at a fee to be determined upon reception arrangements. You are responsible for providing the people to help serve food, punch, cake and for cleanup. The Reception Hostess will be available to answer any questions you may have in planning and executing your reception. Please contact her as soon as possible to discuss the plans for your reception at 903-525-1126. The fee for this person is included in the reception fee.

Reception Hostess Duties
– Makes sure the wedding party is in the appropriate place at the appropriate time
– Oversees the use of any church equipment
– Watches the clock to make sure the event is over in time.
– Due to necessary cleanup, the reception area will need to be cleared by 9:30 p.m.

Reception Hostess is NOT responsible for:
– Decorating for the reception
– Serving cake
– Pouring punch or coffee
– Any refilling of food or punch
– Washing dishes
– General cleanup

Sound & Lighting

The Broadcast Ministry is responsible for all sound and lighting requirements. Sound and ambient lighting are provided only with Chapel weddings. All Chapel weddings require a sound operator selected and scheduled through the Broadcast Ministry. The sound operator does not attend the rehearsal. The operator will arrive two hours prior to the wedding for any sound checks and/or other instructions. Green Acres Baptist Church does not provide audio or video recordings of wedding ceremonies due to copyright issues with the music involved. Music soundtracks must be approved well in advance by Green Acres Baptist church through the audio operator. Up to two wireless microphones are provided for the minister(s) performing the ceremony and a limit of four wired microphones on stands. No other wireless microphone systems may be used by a 3rd party (i.e. videographer) unless approved one week or more before the wedding. A single audio feed from the console via 1/4″ jack is available for the videographer. However, the Green Acres Baptist Church audio engineer is not liable for content, mix or any other result of the recording.

The wedding party must contact the sound operator at least two weeks in advance if there are any videos or slide shows (i.e Powerpoint or other “picture” shows with audio) that are to be played before or during the wedding, or during the reception that is on church property. Any audio CDs, DVDs or slide shows must be discussed so you are aware what format these need to be in. Also, any recorded music MUST be on an audio CD disc in audio file format. NO mp3 CDs, NO iPODs, NO iPHONES, MP3 PLAYERS OR ANY OTHER DEVICE WILL BE USED. It is beneficial to the wedding party to bring audio CDs and/or DVDs at LEAST one week in advance so that the audio engineer can make sure they work on our equipment. DVDs or “picture slideshows” on a DVD can NOT be in Windows Media Player format, or MP4 (Mac) format. They need to be able to play on a consumer (home) DVD player.

The Chapel offers seven different lighting presets to choose from for a wedding. At one of your visits to the Chapel prior to the wedding, Debbie Fisher, our Scheduling Coordinator, can show you these presets so that you can pick the one you prefer for your wedding.

If you or your musicians have questions about the sound or lighting for your wedding, please contact the Broadcast Ministry or call 903-525-1106.

Photography and Video

We appreciate the importance of preserving the memory of a wedding ceremony and are grateful for the cooperation of excellent photographers and videographers. To ensure clear communication between the bride, church and photographer or videographer, Green Acres Baptist Church has implemented the following policies to enable the wedding party to have pictures made without disrupting the ceremony or the reception. All photographers and videographers must sign the permit forms (available in the bridal packet) as acknowledgement of reading and agreeing to abide by the policies listed on the form.

We request that no supplementary lighting (flash, etc.) be used during the ceremony. Flash photographs may be taken as the wedding party enters and exits from the ceremony, provided these do not detract from the dignity of the service.


Photos and video should be as inconspicuous as possible during the ceremony. That includes:

    • A minimum of movement during the ceremony
    • Appropriate attire
    • No interruptions of the flow of the ceremony for photographs
    • No audible communication during the ceremony

Marriage Officiant

Any individual who is legally authorized to perform weddings will be permitted to perform a wedding ceremony at Green Acres Baptist Church.

Wedding Rehearsal & Wedding Party

Green Acres Baptist Church is not responsible for personal items or money belonging to the wedding party, florist, photographer, caterer or wedding guests. Our ministers are frequently unable to attend wedding rehearsals or rehearsal dinners. The Wedding Coordinator is able to provide complete guidance for preparing your ceremony. The Wedding Coordinator will meet with the bride prior to the wedding, conduct the rehearsal and direct the wedding. Should you choose to employ a bridal consultant to help plan your wedding, that person will be expected to cooperate with the Wedding Coordinator and to abide by the policies of the church. It is extremely important that the exact time indicated for the rehearsal and wedding be observed. Care should be taken to have all members of the wedding party in their places at the time indicated. Each member of your wedding party is expected to conduct themselves with reverence and dignity while on church property. These facilities are dedicated to the Lord. ALCOHOL, DRUG USE OR SMOKING IN ANY GREEN ACRES BUILDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Since the Green Acres facilities are dedicated to the worship of God, we require that any dancing be limited to off-campus locations.


Pricing and building availability varies. Scheduling Coordinator, Debbie Fisher, is responsible for scheduling weddings and receptions in addition to other church events. Please call 903-525-1126 to verify the area you want is available on the date you need.


You will be able to access the Chapel and any room you have reserved for your reception on the day of the event as early as 8:00 a.m. You may bring in any stationary objects, such as arches, podiums, etc., (not fresh flowers) on the day of the rehearsal to decorate for your wedding in the Chapel ONLY. The air conditioning will be turned on two hours before the rehearsal is scheduled to begin.

Bride’s Room

The key to the Bride’s room may be picked up the day before the wedding by the Bride, Bridesmaid/Matron of Honor or Mother of the Bride. It must be picked up from the Scheduling Coordinator before the church offices close for the day. (3:00 p.m.) You may store any necessary decorations, gowns, tuxes, etc. in the Bride’s Room overnight the night before wedding. Everything must be removed by the end of the event. The Bride’s Room key must be returned to the Scheduling Coordinator or church receptionist no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday after the wedding. The Bride’s Room is located on the left hallway of the Chapel and includes a full size mirror, dressing vanities and a restroom.