Discipleship Matters – Part 3
Dr. Michael Gossett

A Note from Michael Gossett



As we continue to dive into the elements and expectations of discipleship, I want to remind you where we have been in the last two weeks. If you have missed an article, you can click here for PART 1 and here for PART 2. In last week’s article, we looked at the second participle of the Great Commission, which is βαπτίζοντες (“baptizing”), and what it teaches us about baptism, as well as conversion. This is where we understand the true meaning of evangelism within the greater conversation of discipleship. Discipleship does not end at the point of evangelism and continues to what is identified as the third participle which is διδάσκοντες (“teaching”).

Teaching and the Model of Christ: The third participle, but the second phase that is seen in the Great Commission, is to teach or observe all that Christ commanded (Matthew 28:20). Jesus’ mandate does not end with evangelistic efforts but gives explicit expectation for growth through teaching and fulfilling His commands. Teaching implies a pattern of ongoing training and development within the disciple’s life.[1] Jesus modeled this for the disciples throughout His three-year ministry on earth. He continuously taught and developed the disciples so that they could eventually go and minister on their own. When Jesus called the disciples, saying, “Follow Me” this was the first step of abiding in the teachings of Jesus seen in Matthew 4:18-22. After the disciples abandoned all to follow Jesus, they pursued intentional personal relationships with Him for the purpose of developing Christlikeness. Dave Earley and Rod Dempsey said, “For the twelve, the call to discipleship was a call to immerse their lives in the words of Jesus.”[2]  

The teaching component of the Great Commission is the primary route in which the disciple grows in his relationship with Jesus. Paul states that the aim of the disciple is to imitate God and walk in love just as Christ loved us (Ephesians 5:1-2). As disciples are being taught and nurtured, Christlikeness will flourish. The Great Commission admonishes believers to teach or observe all that I have commanded you. When Jesus was pressed by one of the religious scribes to give an answer to what the greatest command is, Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 22:37-40, ESV). In this summation of the commandments, Jesus reveals to his disciples that this is the focus of their development.

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In Matthew 4:17, Jesus’ public ministry is introduced.[3] Jesus announces his intentions, emphasizing his desire to seek the lost. This announcement begins the ministry of Jesus as He calls disciples to follow Him. The remainder of His time with the disciples becomes the training ground He utilizes for the purpose of spiritual growth. Matthew chapters five through seven show that He trained the disciples through what they witnessed as well as what they heard. These chapters reveal the mentoring nature of Jesus’ relationships during this teaching phase.[4] The ultimate purpose found in the training and teaching of the disciples was to become more like Christ. Therein lies the foundational understanding for the discipleship process to produce Christlikeness.[5] Jesus proclaimed, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40, ESV). Jesus’ words to believers assumed each would teach his commands, leaving no room for a disciple not to participate.[6]

During Jesus’ earthly ministry, discipleship occurred when men and women spent time with their mentor.[7] The relational method of discipleship was widely known among the Greeks and Jews.[8] The purpose for discipleship was realized only through the example and commission of Jesus. In the examples of discipleship before Christ, Hull notes, “It meets the human need for friendship, guidance, and intimacy.”[9] As in the process of evangelism, discipleship occurs by grace alone through faith alone. Likewise, growth of the believer through Bible teaching is completely dependent on God. Jesus’ model for maturing believers through teaching is illuminated through the lens of Hebrews 12:2, which reminds us that by the Holy Spirit our eyes are fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.[10] The purpose of the teaching stage of Jesus’ ministry is for disciples to be conformed to his likeness. According to Pettit, there are three primary elements necessary for people to grow in the likeness of Christ after salvation. The first is the Word of God, the second is the Spirit of God and the third is God’s people.

CONSIDER THIS: What is missing to help you grow in the likeness of Christ personally? Secondly, how are you helping others grow in the likeness of Christ? How are you growing in your obedience to Christ’s commands? How are you helping others grow in their obedience to Jesus? This is really the meaning of this third participle. Teaching them to observe all that I have commanded. When we connect others to Christ (Participle 2) and connect them to His church, we are then charged with the task of helping them Grow in Christ (Participle 3). The disciple is never done growing and will never be done helping others grow. I pray that you will take time this week to examine your patterns of growth and the habits that help you grow and will examine whether or not you are helping others grow closer to Christ. Find someone this week that you will invest in for the purpose of helping them grow.

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Michael Gossett