David O. Dykes

David O. Dykes

David Orlo Dykes grew up in South Alabama where he came to know the Lord as a child and started preaching when he was 17. He is a graduate of Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, having received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975. He received his Master of Divinity degree and Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. His doctoral emphasis was on evangelism and church growth. He received post-doctoral training at Cambridge University, Cambridge, England.


He has been preaching since 1970 and pastored churches in Alabama before coming to pastor Green Acres Baptist Church in 1991. Green Acres is recognized as one of the leading churches in America, in terms of missions and evangelism. The church has over 16,000 members and is known around the world for its emphasis on direct missions. Annually, Green Acres sends over 1,000 volunteer missionaries to various locations worldwide. Green Acres has been the #1 church among Southern Baptists in the amount given to the Cooperative Program for the last 18 years.


Dr. Dykes has personally led mission teams to over thirty foreign countries. His passion is training leaders around the world using a healthy church series he has written. The Healthy Church Series includes “What Healthy Churches Do;” “What Healthy Pastors Do;” and “How Healthy Churches Live.”


David has published articles in Moody Monthly, Church Administration and Guideposts. He is the author of fourteen books including: Handling Life’s Disappointments, Do Angels Really Exist?, The Spiritual Powerbook, Ten Requirements for America’s Survival, Daniel: Creating Character out of Chaos, Angels Really Do Exist, Finding Peace in Your Pain, No, That’s Not in the Bible, Revelation: God’s Final Word, What Healthy Churches Do, What Healthy Pastors Do, Jesus: Storyteller, Hope When You Need it Most, and Following Jesus in the Holy Land: A Forty Day Devotional.


In 2013 he published his first Christian novel, The Cloudstrike Prophecy, under the pen-name David Orlo.


David and Cindy have two daughters and four grandchildren.


Dr. Dykes has served as a trustee for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, East Texas Baptist University, The University of Mobile, Baptist Child and Family Services, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. David enjoys leading educational tours to Israel and has visited the Holy Land over 25 times.

The Jerusalem Protocol
A Regan Hart Novel, book 2

The Jewish people have prayed for centuries for their Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. But how…without inciting World War III? In this sequel to The Cloud Strike Prophecy, ISIS wages a brutal assault that stretches from the Middle East to Texas. While the world’s attention is on ISIS, a unique opportunity arises for the first time in history. Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the Israelis plan to rebuild their Temple in spite of the Muslim Dome of the Rock dominating the Jerusalem skyline. When ancient sources reveal long hidden clues to the actual location of the original Jewish Temple, Ty, Regan, and Solly are given the dangerous job of proving this theory. Their investigation could lead to a holy war…or it could change the world forever.

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The Cloud Strike Prophecy
A Regan Hart Novel, book 1

A mysterious prophecy from the Dead Sea Scrolls launches a task force to prevent a deadly bioterrorism attack on America. Global economist Regan Hart and private investigator Ty Kensington meet under unusual circumstances, but fate quickly leads them on a frantic chase from Georgia to Paris to find a dangerous Al-Qaeda cell. Solly, an archeologist and high-ranking Israeli intelligence agent joins in the hunt. This unlikely trio searches for clues to stop the terrorists. But will they find them in time?

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Ten Requirements for America’s Survival

Could America ever disappear? Twenty-one great empires reigned in the past and not one exists today. Ten Requirements for America’s Survival takes a fresh, commonsense approach to the Ten Commandments as our nation’s roadmap back to God—one citizen and one family at a time.

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Jesus Storyteller
Timeless Truths From His Parables

The world’s greatest stories from the world’s greatest Storyteller. When you hear the truth of Jesus in story form, you won’t soon forget it. This collection of beloved parables of Jesus explains the central teachings of Christianity in a simple way that everyone can understand. If you need to be inspired or encouraged, He has a story just for you.

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Travel Guide to Heaven

Discover what you need to know about Heaven from its architect and most well-known resident: Jesus. You’ll learn from God’s Word—the number one travel guide to Heaven—about what Heaven is like and how to get there, as well as the inside scoop on what the locals do. Don’t miss this trip of a lifetime to what could become your eternal home!

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The Inside Job
How Jesus Can Transform Your Personality

God is at work—deep inside of us. Jesus transforms us so that we will not only want to do His will but also have the ability to do it. He transforms our personality into someone who wants to obey God with all of our heart. The author focuses on the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 by teaching simple illustrations and scripture to explain how the Bible says this change takes place. When you place your faith in Jesus, He comes to dwell in your heart through the person of the Holy Spirit. And if you surrender to Him, He can demonstrate nine key traits of His personality in you.

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Angels Really Do Exist
Signs of Heaven on Earth

Just because you haven’t seen an angel, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You may have encountered one of God’s ministering spirits—and not even realize it! What do angels look like and why are they here? Are demons real? What is spiritual warfare? Uncover the truth surrounding what the Bible teaches about angels through fascinating stories of real angel encounters. Once you start looking at the world through eyes of faith, you’ll see convincing evidence of angels all around you!

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No That’s Not in the Bible
Popular Sayings You Just Thought Were in the Bible

Dozens of popular sayings are floating around that sincere people—even Christians—think are from the Bible and they’re not. No matter how long you’ve been a Christian or how long you have been going to church, you’ve likely heard many of these wise sayings ascribed to the Bible. But what if the Bible doesn’t say that? What if, in fact, the Bible teaches the opposite? Many with a shaky foundation of biblical knowledge confuse something that “sounds like it came from the Bible” with actual biblical truth. “Cleanliness is next to godliness”—is that really in the Bible? “Spare the rod, spoil the child”—does the Bible actually say that? Discover the truth for yourself in this fascinating, easy-to-read study that reveals the truth and error behind some of the most popular sayings of the day.

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Hope When You Need it Most

HOPE is the world’s most valuable commodity today. You can’t buy it. You can’t earn it. It is a gift from God Himself. When we trust Him completely, we have H.O.P.E. for our lives. Having Only Positive Expectations enables you to face whatever challenges come your way. The Bible teaches there is HOPE when you are afraid. HOPE when your heart is breaking. HOPE for your family. And HOPE for your future.

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Following Jesus in the Holy Land
A 40-Day Devotional

Your opportunity to walk where Jesus walked awaits. Few destinations offer as much history and Bible insights per square mile as Israel. One of the most powerful tools in understanding the Bible is visualizing where, when and how it all took place. Over the next 40 days, you will deepen your understanding of key biblical locations and holy sites that are so meaningful to the Christian faith. Each devotional has a reading to transport your heart and mind to a certain location in the Holy Land, along with scriptures and questions to inspire you to apply God’s truth.

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Handling Life’s Disappointments
Moving from Desperation to Celebration

If you’re facing one of life’s many disappointments, this book is for you. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you planned. The Bible has a lot to say about how to survive and even thrive during periods of loneliness, stress, worry, fear, and frustration. You may have little or no control over your circumstances, but how you choose to react when things go wrong is up to you. God can change your attitude and your approach to problems as He moves you from desperation to celebration.

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Lord, Heal Our Land
A Call to Prayer for America

Are you worried about our nation’s future? What happened to America’s spiritual heritage? The good news is that we are only a prayer away from experiencing spiritual renewal in our country. The call is going out across America for Christians to lead the way and pray for God to heal our land. Are we willing to ask Him to break our pride and apathy so that America can become a great and God-fearing nation again? Lord, Heal Our Land takes a hard but hopeful look at our country—where we’ve been, where we are now and where we’re going—and shines a light on the way forward.

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Finding Peace in Your Pain
Life Lessons from the Story of Job

Are you going through a crisis right now? If you aren’t, don’t worry—the next one is just around the corner. Do you want to know why everything seems to be crumbling around you? Life is often full of unending trials, undeserved pain, and unanswered questions. However, it’s possible to find comfort and peace where you least expect it—right in the middle of your pain. The story of Job shows us how. Most people think the ancient story of Job is about losing it all and gaining it back again. But that’s just part of the story. There is much more to learn from his life, including the best (and worst) ways to help hurting friends and how to hear God’s voice in the midst of a storm. Life lessons from the story of Job teach timeless truths about understanding God’s purpose in pain and how to hold on to our hope and faith when we suffer. If you’re going through hardship (or trying to help someone who is), this book will encourage and empower you to discover a supernatural peace despite life’s pain.

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Character Out of Chaos
Daring to Be a Daniel in Today’s World

A pastor with a nationally syndicated television program takes an intriguing look at Daniel’s personal life, exploring Daniel’s convictions and revealing ways to become a Daniel in today’s world.

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Revelation: God’s Final Word
What the Last Book in the Bible Reveals About the Future

God’s Final Word is a guide to unraveling the truth of the mysterious last book in the Bible, chapter by chapter. Each of the 22 chapters corresponds with the chapters in Revelation, so you can easily use this book for individual study or in a small group setting to discuss each chapter. You will learn the key terms and symbols of Revelation to increase your understanding of world events and to reveal more of Jesus Christ to you.

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The Healthy Church series was born from 30 years of leading churches of all sizes and discovering that through the study of Scripture, there are universal principles that apply to all churches everywhere. The focus of these studies are on church health not growth. This non-denominational, transcultural curriculum is being used around the world to train churches, pastors, leaders and disciples on how to develop a healthy church. In fact, it’s not our church at all. It’s His. Only Jesus can grow His church.