Worship in Christ
Michael Gossett

Ephesians is only six chapters, 155 verses, and takes about 20 minutes to read in its entirety. Throughout the 155 verses, Paul gives us a deeper understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ. Ephesians takes us to new heights and depths of knowledge of how the Gospel applies to each of us. We will learn that a superficial following of Jesus cannot continue when you realize what it truly means to have life in Christ. The book serves as a crash course for Christian doctrine and Gospel-centered theology and is one of the most significant influences on Christian living. All of us require growth in our understanding of Christ and reorientation to His design for our lives. Living and growing in God’s design is the surest way to find fulfillment and satisfaction, and this sermon series will help us do just that. As we journey together, come, and find out how to live a life in Christ. Join us as we jump into this series together beginning with Ephesians 1:1-14 and this message titled, “Worship in Christ.”

0:00 – Ephesians Info

4:00 – Ephesians 1: 1-14

12:09 – Created for worship

16:20 – Chosen for worship

18:50 – God chose us based on our brokenness

21:39 – God chose us based on His benevolence

26:26 – Cleansed for worship

28:45 – Conserved for worship


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