A Better Love
Dr. Michael Gossett

Exodus 20:14 says, “Do not commit adultery.” There is much to learn from this short yet impactful commandment. This is a very personal and intrusive commandment speaking heavily against our cultural dynamics today. However, the issues of immorality were just as rampant in the First Century. The problem the church faces today is the emphasis, the openness, and the celebration of immorality. Our national culture is now setting aside the month of June to celebrate the perversion of God’s design and gift of marriage. This celebration and acceptance is growing rapidly around our nation and is beginning to infiltrate the ideology of many. God’s Word is clear, and we are called to be a distinct people. Throughout the history of the church, we have seen the church strengthened amid cultural oppression. Together, as God’s people, let us be strengthened in the Lord and stand firm on the authority of His Word.


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