December 23
Hannah Starr
“The Good News”

Read Luke 2:8-20 and 1 Corinthians 10:31

– Jennifer Grigsby, Minister to Kids

Do you ever wish God would interrupt your ordinary day and reinvigorate you with something amazing? With some good news? Christmas is the amazing time for which you are looking! The Christmas season celebrates God interrupting the mundane of our world with the good news of the birth of our Savior.

Thousands of years ago, outside of Bethlehem, shepherds were busy watching over their sheep. They knew their sheep could not be left alone or they might wander into danger. As they tended to their flocks, an angel excitedly appeared to shepherds. The herdsmen seemed panicked, but the angel said, “No need to be afraid. I have wonderful news! A very special baby was born in Bethlehem tonight. It’s the Savior who God promised to Adam and Eve. He is here, and He is the One who will rescue you from your sins. Be fast and go see Him! The baby will be in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes.”

The shepherds acted immediately, running to see the Savior as quickly as they could. And they found Him, the King, the most special gift that has ever been given. Then they worshipped this newborn baby, the King of the world.

In scripture, we are often referred to as sheep, being cared for by God, our shepherd. Like sheep, we tend to wander away from our caretaker. We want to go our own way because we are easily enticed by other things. Our selfish desires drive us to depend on self rather than on the One who knows and loves us best. However, our Great Shepherd lovingly cares for us. Because of this, He sent Jesus, His son to save us. Like a shepherd, Jesus brings the lost back into the fold. He looks for the lonely, the forgotten, the broken and the rebellious. Jesus is God’s special gift to the world, and He is the reason we celebrate Christmas!

So, if you are looking for God to interrupt your life, He already has! God sent His perfect son, Jesus, so we could be shepherded back to the God of the universe who desires for us to know Him intimately.


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