December 5
Kevin Burdette


“The Fall – Why We Need Christmas”

– Kevin Burdette, Minister to Senior Adults and Pastoral Care

Genesis 3:1-7; Ephesians 2:13-18

From the beginning of time, we see God’s character.  He loves to give gifts to his children.  For Adam and Eve, he created a beautiful garden filled with mighty trees, colorful flowers, and good fruit for them to enjoy.  He gave them a night sky filled with stars and a moon.  He allowed them to enjoy creatures from small crawlers to high flying birds and majestic animals roaming in the open plains.  

God gave these things to Adam and Eve so they would know his goodness, his love for them, and that he wanted to bless their relationship with him.  But to fully enjoy every gift, it must be used properly or there would be serious consequences.

When Satan came along, he convinced Adam and Eve the boundaries that God had put on his gift to them wasn’t for their good.  Satan convinced them God didn’t have their best interest at heart because of the restrictions he put on them.  Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lies and could only focus on what they couldn’t have rather than all their blessings.

But what happened when Adam and Eve crossed the line and disobeyed God?  Were they happy and fulfilled?  Did they become (as Satan had promised) like God?  No!  For the first time they felt sadness, shame, and guilt.  It was then they learned every word Satan had spoken was a lie and none of his promises were true.

What was God’s response after Adam and Eve disobeyed him?  He continued to show his love and care for them.  It was then God put his best plan into action.  It was what Adam and Eve needed most.  He promised to crush the enemy, Satan, once and for all through his son Jesus.

The story of Adam and Eve tells us why we need Christmas.  We need a perfect Savior to take away our sins, crush our enemy and make a way for us to have a restored relationship with God.  It was at the birth of Jesus we see God giving his best gift to the world.

What are three things Satan told Eve in Genesis 3:1-7 to get her to eat from the Tree of Life?Were they true?

Genesis 2:9 tells us every tree in the Garden was beautiful and had good fruit.  Why did Eve focus on the one tree she was told to stay away from?

Can you think of a time in your life when you thought doing the wrong thing would make you happy, but actually made you feel like Adam and Eve after they disobeyed God?

Why it is better to trust God’s Word than to listen to lies that go against God’s Word?

Have you received God’s best gift – Jesus?

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