Holy Week Devotionals – Sunday, April 4
Kevin Burdette


“The Hope of the Resurrection”
Matthew 28:1-20

I cannot help but wonder as Mary Magdalene and the other Mary approached the tomb of Jesus early on that Sabbath morning if, in their grief and sorrow, they were quietly thinking of the many times Jesus talked about his death and what would happen three days later.  I also suspect their minds were flooded with memories of Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding, the healing of a blind man, a group of lepers being healed, or when he fed thousands from a small basket of fish and bread.  No doubt they recalled Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead after four long days.  So, how could they approach the tomb that morning and not consider what Jesus said would happen on the third day?

A moment later, they felt the ground shake and saw an angel sitting on the large stone that once covered the opening of Jesus’ tomb.  Now it was moved away from the tomb and the soldiers that guarded the tomb were frozen in fear.  The angel gently said, “Do not be afraid,” and told them what had taken place.  Jesus was alive! 

The women confirmed that the tomb was empty and then “hurried away. . . filled with joy.”  They couldn’t wait to tell the disciples.  They didn’t stand around and question what had taken place.  They immediately knew Jesus was alive because they knew that Jesus’ words were true.  They couldn’t wait to share with others the newfound hope that filled their hearts.

As followers of Christ, we always have a hope because of the resurrection.  Each of us will walk through struggles and times where all seems lost.  The Bible tells us “in this world we will have trouble” (John 16:33).  But like the women at the tomb, our struggles cannot take away our hope because we know that Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty.  Jesus reminds us that we can place our hope in him because “he has overcome the world.”

Is your life grounded in the hope that the resurrection of Jesus gives?  It is the only hope that will carry you through any struggle on earth.  It is the only hope in which we have assurance of eternal life with Christ when life on earth is over. 

My prayer today is that you know the hope of the resurrection.  It is only found in knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.  There isn’t a better day to discover this eternal hope than the very day we celebrate his resurrection. 

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