Green Acres Baptist Church is not responsible for personal items or money belonging to the wedding party, florist, photographer, caterer or wedding guests. Our ministers are frequently unable to attend wedding rehearsals or rehearsal dinners. The Wedding Coordinator is able to provide complete guidance for preparing your ceremony. The Wedding Coordinator will meet with the bride prior to the wedding, conduct the rehearsal and direct the wedding. Should you choose to employ a bridal consultant to help plan your wedding, that person will be expected to cooperate with the Wedding Coordinator and to abide by the policies of the church. It is extremely important that the exact time indicated for the rehearsal and wedding be observed. Care should be taken to have all members of the wedding party in their places at the time indicated. Each member of your wedding party is expected to conduct themselves with reverence and dignity while on church property. These facilities are dedicated to the Lord. ALCOHOL, DRUG USE OR SMOKING IN ANY GREEN ACRES BUILDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Since the Green Acres facilities are dedicated to the worship of God, we require that any dancing be limited to off-campus locations.

You may have access to any of the buildings as early as 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the wedding and/or reception to decorate the rooms you will be using.


Due to lack of storage facilities, anything brought in by the wedding party, florist, caterer or a rental company must be removed immediately.


No nails, tacks, pins, wire or adhesives are to be used in any place or on any furniture in the church to secure decorations. Pipe cleaners, coated floral wire or padded clamps may be used to adhere arrangements and bows to pews.


When and where candles are used, proper protection must be provided for all carpet and property. Candles must be of a dripless variety and be snuffed out, not blown, to prevent splattered wax. Pew candelabras must have globes or use inserts for mechanical candles and use a padding that does not leave a residue on the wood.


If a Green Acres Baptist Church custodian is requested to assist with decorations, he shall be paid by the one requesting his/her assistance at the rate normally paid to him by the church.