Looking for Giving?

The Stewardship Ministry


  • Receives and processes all contributions to the church
  • Pays the bills for the church and administers the budget as passed by the church
  • Processes the payroll of the employees of the church
  • Works with the Finance Committee to develop the budget for the church each year
  • Oversees the work of the Bookstore and Library, the Facilities Ministry, the Crosswalk Ministry and the IT Department
  • Serves as a support function to all the ministries and members of the church, so that the ministries will have what they need to function.

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Stewardship Office Information Manual


Building Fund

The Building Fund will be used to fund building construction on all Green Acres Baptist Church locations. Should you have any questions, please contact Brett Cavett, Stewardship Director.

November 2-8, 2020
General Budget
Budget Receipts, Week308,342
Required Budget, Week277,402
Budget Receipts, YTD11,770,995
Required Budget, YTD12,483,111
(Over/Under), YTD(712,116)
Building Fund
Year to Date248,497