Staff Organization

In order to provide definition and organization for a large, skilled and highly diversified group of employees, the staff of Green Acres Baptist Church is classified by category. These categories reflect the general nature of the responsibilities of the staff members of which each category is comprised and are designed to reinforce the fact that each staff member is vital to the effectiveness of the entire Staff and the Church as a whole.

The Staff Responsibility Network diagram has seven categories:



The Pastor, who has the ultimate responsibility for the leadership and welfare of the church.

Leadership Staff


Staff positions with responsibility for the leadership of the MAJOR MINISTRY AREAS of the church, currently including Worship & Broadcast, Education & Core Group, Administration, and Missions.

Coordinating Staff


Staff positions with primary responsibility for the coordination of a PRIMARY COMPONENT of one or more of the Major Ministry Areas of the church.

Specialty Staff


Staff positions with responsibility for a SPECIFIC SEGMENT of a Primary Component of one more of the Major Ministry Areas of the church.

Administrative Professionals


Staff positions that provide the day-to-day support for the ministry responsibilities of any of the ministry areas or positions in the preceding categories.

Full Time Primary Staff


Full Time Staff positions with full-time responsibility for the preparation and efficiency of the physical resources necessary for the effectiveness of all Green Acres Baptist Church ministries.

Part Time Primary Staff


Part Time Staff positions whose responsibilities involve working less than 30 hours a week providing the coordination or direct ministry in a variety of ministry areas.