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Just So You Will Know: Keeping Up with GABC

May 20, 2018

THERE IS AN INFORMAL axiom in auto racing, bicycle riding, and other similar adventures that states, “Don’t look where you are, look where you want to go.” Although that would seem to make perfect sense, it is actually somewhat counterintuitive, at least for unskilled drivers. You see, the unskilled driver typically has a tendency to focus on the road or path directly in front of the vehicle. As a result, they are easily caught off guard by sudden changes in direction or by unexpected obstacles. A skilled driver on the other hand, will focus on the path much farther down the road, and thereby be able to anticipate just the sort of thing that would throw the unskilled driver off course.

ALL OF THIS “VEHICULAR WISDOM” came to mind as I was visiting with our Thursday morning Administrative Professionals Team. It was the second week in May, and we were reviewing the details of the GABC ministry schedule all the way through the month of July in anticipation of the demands of the summer season—and we were doing it for the third time. That’s when it dawned on me, one of the reasons that the ministries of Green Acres tend to run so smoothly is the fact that those who are most closely related to the success of those ministries are constantly looking at the path ahead.

THEY HAVE LEARNED, some by unfortunately painful experience, that those who focus on the path directly in front of them often wind up in the proverbial “ditch” when a last minute adjustment catches them off guard (it usually only takes one unexpected trip into the ditch to get their attention—hopefully!) They also learn in an equally painful way that their last-minute adjustments not only disrupt their own course, but the courses of all of those others whose paths they may intersect.

THAT IS SOMETIMES difficult to explain to folks who are used to working on a much shorter time frame when their last-minute request for a room or a date on the GABC calendar cannot be approved due to an already packed schedule.

LET ME GIVE you a quick sampling of that packed schedule from just our June and July calendar. In the course of nine weeks, our GABC ministries will be involved in 15 different Missions Trips and Summer Camps, 2 Vacation Bible Schools (Main Campus and South Campus), the start of IMPACT T-Ball at the ROC, the beginning of Women’s Tuesday Morning Bible Studies, final preparation for and presentation of 5 “I Love America” performances, the second edition of “Feed My Starving Children,” and Middle School Percussion Camp, Band Camp and String Camp, just to mention a few.

It’s going to be an exciting summer…for those whose eyes are clearly focused on “where they want to go.”

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor