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Just So You Will Know: Keeping Up with GABC

July 15, 2018

I HATE TO BE a spoil sport (particularly for any students who may stumble across this article) but I just realized that Tyler schools start on August 20, just six Mondays from tomorrow! It seems, again, that summer has just begun and it’s already starting to rapidly grind to a halt. Now, for those of you whose lives do not revolve around school-age children, this is probably less than momentous news; but for folks who are still immersed in the school-age world, this, and other East Texas school start dates are a major counterpoint in the rhythmical flow of the year, particularly here at Green Acres.

WITH SCHOOL STARTING on August 20, our Sunday Morning Bible Study Promotion Sunday is set for August 26. That is the Sunday that every preschooler, elementary, middle school and high school student moves to their new Bible Study class on Sunday morning. For the Age Group Staff who lead each of those divisions, it means that they have already been working for weeks to provide teachers and classrooms and materials for those children and students. As you might imagine, that’s not the sort of thing that simply happens overnight.

FOR OUR GABC STAFF as a whole, the start of school is a pivotal date in the planning of our Fall Ministry Season, and for laying the foundation for the entire year to come. Following the summer break, in just four weeks we resume our monthly Staff Meetings, checking and double-checking our plans through the end of the current year. During the month of August we work toward the completion our annual Staff Review process, evaluating the progress of the goals, action plans and performance for all of Staff Members. And then, on Monday, August 20, the day that schools start back, about 60 key leaders from our Staff gather to plan and coordinate the priorities and calendar for 2019, providing the foundation upon which the full year of ministry for 2019 (and following) will be overlaid well before the beginning of the new year.

NOW, YOU MAY BE ASKING, why are talking about all of this here in the middle of July? Two reasons. First, because we know that planning is critical and the time to plan for the new year, and more critically, for the fall is NOW. And, second, because if you’re not careful, this sort of thing tends to sneak up on you before you know it, and the last thing we want is for anyone to be “snuck up on.” So, go ahead and enjoy the last hot days of summer, but remember, fall is just around the corner, and, based on all I’m already seeing, it’s going to be a great season for ministry at Green Acres.

Start watching for all the details in just a few weeks.

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor