Show a Movie

To Show a Movie at The ROC

The Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) is an outdoor venue and is not covered by any movie licenses we hold. However, if you wish to show a movie there, please contact Swank. You will be able to purchase the right to show the feature of your choice and will be charged “per title, per day.” Pricing varies according to the title shown.


Show a movie not covered by our license?

Nope. All films shown on GABC property must be covered.

Why not?

Movies shown not covered by our license are illegal and very, very expensive if you are caught violating copyright law.

Can I show a movie on a church-sponsored trip?

No. Our license only covers films on campus.

Can’t I just call you with a title?

Sorry. We need a paper trail with the proper form.

What about TV shows?

We wish that too, but alas, our license does not allow it.

I checked a movie out from the GABC Library, that makes it okay to show.

Movies on our library shelves are not necessarily “approved.” They are for general checkout and must be approved just like any other film.

How long does it take before I hear something back?

The Broadcast Coordinator needs ample time to research your request (3-5 days preferred), especially if out on vacation.