March 16, 2020


A New Daily Update from Green Acres Baptist Church – March 16, 2020



You can expect a daily update from me and our GABC staff team during this unique time in our history. While we know there is a lot of “fake” news out there, we’ll be sharing the Good News.


WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY God has given us to speak life and truth into our society during a time when there is so much fear and anxiety. God has called us to the challenge of TRANSFORMING LIVES WITH THE TRUTH OF JESUS. While we will be “doing church” differently over the next few weeks, more than ever, we will BE the Church. I assure you that we are seeking the wisdom of God as well as the updated medical information from experts in our community.


BASED ON THE INFORMATION we had late last week, we offered Celebration and Resonate Worship yesterday, Sunday, March 15. Out of an abundance of caution, for those who attended we adhered to a strict “no touch” policy and maintained social distance from each other. There was plenty of healthy space in the Worship Center and CrossWalk! Thank you for all of you who participated. In addition, to those who attended in person, we had an all-time high of over 4,200 viewers of our Livestreaming Worship.


HOWEVER, LATE YESTERDAY afternoon the Centers for Disease Control issued a new guideline restricting the gathering of groups of 50 or larger. After consultation with our staff, leaders, and local medical experts, we will be complying with this guideline for the next few weeks. That means starting this Sunday, March 22, WE WILL NOT BE MEETING ON CAMPUS FOR WORSHIP OR SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY. Instead we will offer our worship via live online streaming only.


IF YOU’RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH, or never viewed our Livestreaming service, we will send you a link in one of our upcoming Life Support Coronavirus Daily Updates, and you will be able to find the link on the GABC Website so you can join us for online worship. This Sunday, I will be preaching a message of hope from John 13 where Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. I hope you’ll join us online as we worship and study God’s Word.


IN ADDITION, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, we will be providing a daily video update of what God is doing in and through our congregation. This will be shown several times a day on our Suddenlink Channel 17 (available only within Tyler city limits), and a link to the video will be in tomorrow’s Life Support Coronavirus Update and on our website which you can watch at your convenience.


AS MICHAEL GOSSETT and I shared yesterday, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound judgment. We need to “be” the church more than ever. So, I encourage you to call and check up on your family, friends, and neighbors and see how they are doing during these days of a national health emergency.


OUR MESSAGE IS “Do Not Be Afraid.” These are the first recorded words of angels in the New Testament as they appeared to the shepherds outside of Bethlehem. I’m praying that God will continue to guide us by His Holy Spirit during these days.


I LOOK FORWARD to communicating with you as we pass through this crisis.


Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus!


Pastor David