Regarding Plated Meals

Our desire is to give excellent service. In order to do that, we need sufficient time to serve the guests, with that in mind, please note the following allotted time for each course. This applies to the plated meal option only.


Please allow 40-45 minutes for entire food service time (plated meals only)


The guest with a pre-set salad would need 5-6 minutes to eat their salad, staff would need another 5 minutes to clear.


The entrees usually can be served 10-15 minutes (depending on size of event) and the guests would need 10 minutes to eat, staff would need 5-6 minutes to clear.


Staff would need 5 minutes to serve coffee before leaving the room when the main speaker comes to speak.


It is our practice to not have waitstaff in the room when the main speaker comes to speak to not cause noise or distraction

Dates & Deadlines

5 WeeksMinimum lead time needed between scheduling your CrossWalk catered event and the event date
30 DaysMenus must be finalized
50% deposit due
1 WeekGuaranteed final count
Day of EventFinal payment due