Bookstore & Library

In order to keep our staff and patrons healthy, the GABC Bookstore & Library will be closed until April 6, 2020.


Returned books may be left in the drop box located near the Weekday Entrance doors.

No fines will accrue during the days we are closed.


Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.

The GABC Bookstore & Library Staff

Checkout privileges from our library are available to anyone. The only requirement is the filling out of a very short information card. In return, we give you three library cards. One fits in a wallet, the other two are for your keyring. We feel our library is a ministry and we welcome anyone who would like to participate.


Library Cards

Cards are available for ages 12 and over. Children younger than 12 must have a parent present before items will be checked out.


Book & Video Drop-off

We have an outdoor book drop located outside the Weekday Entrance. Items may be returned at this location 24 hours per day.



If you would like to honor the memory of a family member or friend with a donation to the library, call or come by and we’ll fill out a form with all the information needed. Some like to give a certain book, while others prefer to give an amount and leave the choice of books to us. A beautiful bookplate will be placed in the book with the name of the person honored and the person(s) making the donation. An acknowledgment is sent to the family member you have chosen, letting them know of your gift.

Check Outs

Books per Family Member: 5
Checkout Period: 2 weeks
Renewals: 1

DVDs/Blu-rays per Family: 3
Checkout Period: 1 week
Renewals: 1

Audio Books per Family: 3
Checkout Period: 2 weeks
Renewals: 1


Books: 5 cents per day
DVD & Blu-ray: 25 cents per day
Audio: 25 cents per day


Until these fines are paid, no new items may be checked out of the library. Monies collected from overdue items goes right back into the -library, to purchase new materials.