COVID19 has arrived on the scene and changed everything!  It has literally impacted the entire world.  We live in an unprecedented time that has caused us to change our everyday routines and plans.  Unfortunately, the virus has extended its impact from the spring into the summer.  GABC has taken into account many of these factors and had to make significant adjustments to our Summer plans.  We will not be traveling out of town for any trips during June and July.  Regretfully, we had to remove both of our camps and mission trips from our summer plans.  We know this is very difficult and hard to believe.  But it’s the right thing to do in accordance with our current struggles and recommendations.  At this point we are planning a variety of local activities throughout the summer along with a four day Engulfed/Breakaway style camp that takes place during the day and evenings in July. We are also working on HS Summer REMIX, MS Summer RUCKUS, ReDefined Girl events, Serve projects and hangouts.