A Note from Hixon Frank
Hixon Frank


We are so excited to welcome Dr. Connor Bales to the pulpit this Sunday at the Tyler campus! Dr. Bales serves as Pastor of North Campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church and is a gifted communicator.  A graduate of Southern Seminary, Connor and his wife Mary have five children: Kathryn, Coleman, Libby, Hannah, and Campbell. He is passionate about the local church and believes it is the hope for the world. Through his family’s blessing, God has grown in him a deep love for special needs ministry, and Connor is committed to reaching families affected by disability with the love of Christ.

A. W. Tozer once said, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply.”

In his book, Counted Worthy, Dr. Bales shares the unique calling he and his wife, Mary, have been counted worthy of stewarding in raising two children with a rare genetic disorder. From the initial confusion and questions of “why” – to the practical exhaustion resulting from endless tests, treatments, and visits to the emergency room – to the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll they’ve experienced as a family, Connor leaves nothing off the table.

After each service on the Tyler campus this Sunday, you will have an opportunity to purchase one of his books ($12) and have him sign it.  (while supplies last) You may not be experiencing the same kind of struggle or suffering, but the encouragement you will receive this Sunday will help you stand tall above the brokenness, disappointment, and hurt that can consume us at times.

Perhaps you or someone you know is in desperate need of encouragement. This Sunday is the perfect Sunday to invite them to join you at 8:30 or 11am for one of our worship services!

See you this Sunday!




Additional information for Sunday:


  • All of the parking in front of doors #1/#2/#3 are either handicapped Parking or reserved for folks who are 70+ years old. You may know this area as the “weekday lot”. Tall “feather banners” will be posted in this lot for clarity.  Please be patient as people get in the habit of reserving these spaces for our Senior Saints!
  • All GABC Staff Members, Deacons, Connect Group Leaders and those who have little to no trouble walking are asked to serve others by parking as far away from the buildings as possible! This will allow guests, young families, older attendees, and those with difficulty walking, to park in closer spots. This is one way we “re-orient our lives for the good of others”. Thanks for your help in this.
  • Finally: We need Worship Section Hosts. If you are willing to shepherd and love a group of worshippers in the section that you normally sit in, then you need to be a Worship Section Host! It’s simple but so impactful.
    • Smile warmly and greet folks who sit in your “section” in the worship center.
    • Get to know them and make them feel welcome at Green Acres!
    • Help collect the offering when the time comes in the worship service!
    • Please contact courtneyn@gabc.org for more information.