A Note from Jacob Browning
Jacob Browning

January of this year, we began revitalizing Green Acres Flint. After three months of prayer, dreaming, and hard work the word that comes to mind is overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the response of our church family’s desire to reach our city. Overwhelmed by the dedication of our Serve Team and volunteers. Overwhelmed by the groundswell of new faces. But most of all, overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit that continues to bless our efforts. He deserves all the credit, all the glory, and all the praise. As we continue to see life change through salvations, baptism, and discipleship we posture our hearts to remember all the praise goes to Jesus.

Like Paul boasting in the grace of God (1 Corinthians 15:10), this update is to give thanksgiving to the Lord who has made this all a reality! Since January, our Flint Campus has nearly doubled in attendance. 42 have signed up to be on our Serve Team making up our kid’s ministry volunteers, greeters, and decision encouragers.  50 volunteers (both campuses) dedicated a Saturday to painting, cleaning, designing, building, and pressure washing our Flint Campus. Over 100 senior adults (both campuses) packed 600 resurrection egg cartons to passed out preparing for Easter. 60 volunteers prepared 579 care packages for the staff at Bullard ISD and Owens Elementary. In the past 6 weeks over 70 people have filled out Connection Cards. 7 are signed up for baptism this Easter. The collective witness has been celebration of God’s new work in anticipation of the Flint Campus relaunch on Easter. Please, join us as we continue to pray to see lives transformed by the truth of Jesus.