A Note from Hixon Frank
Hixon Frank

Hey Church!


Margie and I are so excited to be part of the Green Acres Family! All of our stuff made it here and we are quickly becoming East Texans! Thank you for the warm reception and the welcome to Tyler!

The last three months have brought a lot of change. New names, faces, and ways of doing things. For my wife and me, we have a different town, ministry, pastor, stage of life, church, culture, and more…we left friends, Bible study groups, neighbors and a town that we loved.   But the discipleship process always involves change doesn’t it? Growth demands it, sanctification uses it, and we usually resist it. But as most of you know, “blessing often follows change!”

So while we are in the midst of change, newness, and wondering WHAT God wants us to do next, He first makes it clear HOW we are supposed to do it!

Micah 6:8

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

    And what does the Lord require of you?


 and to WALK HUMBLY with your God.

God chastised the Israelites by telling them that He had already shown them how to live but that they ignored him. He says that they were to be JUST, MERCIFUL and HUMBLE. I would argue that these three things must go together. JUSTICE without MERCY is abusive and cold, MERCY isn’t needed without JUSTICE as a background, and HUMILITY is the driver for both.  Or even better said…. “HUMILITY determines how to apply to MERCY to the GUILTY.” … and we are all guilty.


As God continues to bring more and more people to (and back to) Green Acres, we have ministry opportunities for you to prayerfully consider.

Our VOLUNTEERS in PRESCHOOL (VIP) need people willing to change a child’s LIFE!  Every Sunday, in addition to our weekly Preschool Connect Group teachers, we require about 20 volunteers to care for our preschoolers while parents attend worship. Volunteers serve as often as they’d like, or at least once per quarter, at 11:00 am.

According to studies, FIRST TIME GUESTS decide if they will be coming back to Green Acres in the first couple of minutes they arrive on our Campuses.  SO, if you have a smile and a servant’s heart, this ministry is for you. Volunteers are needed to greet new guests throughout the church, from parking lots to doors and everywhere in between. Stop by the Guest Services table in the foyer today to get more information and sign up or call Courtney Newsom, Guest Services Coordinator at 903-525-3252.

Volunteer roles:

  • Parking Lot Greeters
  • Exterior Door Greeters
  • Information Desk Greeters
  • Coffee Bar Teams
  • Service Ushers and Greeters
  • Worship Section Hosts

You can find out more information about these ministries THIS SUNDAY in the FOYER of the worship center at the ministry tables.

Your new friend,