A Note from our Worship Pastors
Chance Riehl

Hello Church Family!

We are so excited for worship this weekend!  On Wednesday night, our Choir, Orchestra, and Worship Teams had an amazing time preparing and rehearsing for this Sunday. Our tech and broadcast teams have also worked tirelessly this week to prepare.  We feel more unified than ever as we step into this new season as a Worship Ministry!

As you arrive this Sunday, you may notice a few changes.  We have added some additional lights to the worship center that have really enhanced the appearance of our beautiful choir loft and platform.  We think you will really enjoy the updated feel of the room!  We have also added a real acoustic drum kit to our stage set up.  Acoustic drums greatly impact the dynamics of the music and will be a huge blessing to our congregation!  Don’t worry, we have put them inside of a drum enclosure to limit the volume of a real kit.  We think you will be surprised at how well the volume is controlled!

These changes are a continuation of the evolution we have been experiencing in our Family Gathering services throughout the summer.  After our first rehearsal with all of these things on Wednesday evening, we were blown away at how the Lord moved.  As a team, we could not be more excited about the future!  The Lord has clearly been orchestrating all of this.  Our Wednesday rehearsals were truly a worship experience that won’t soon be forgotten.  Sunday will no doubt be more of the same!

As we’ve mentioned many times, the Bible promises that the Lord will inhabit the praises of His people.  As a church, our only job in worship is to Praise Him.  All of the other details will grow strangely dim in light of HIS glory and grace.  We can’t wait to see you Sunday and move forward together in worship!

-Mike Parks and Chance Riehl