Year of the Bible

2018 is Year of the Bible at Green Acres Baptist Church. Not only are we challenging our members to read through the Bible, but we are we moving from the New International Version (NIV) of the version to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). The CSB is currently available in our Bookstore and are participating in the Walk Thru the Bible event.

Online Reading Plan

The Read the Bible For Life 4+1 Plan by George Guthrie is available on YouVersion ( You do not have to start the plan on January 1, 2018. Day 1 of your reading begins the day you start the study.


Year of the Bible Messages

Walk Thru the Bible Memory Game

From NIV to CSB: The Great Exchange

Beginning in 2018 as part of the Year of the Bible, Pastor David will use a new translation as the main biblical source for his sermons. After preaching from the 1984 edition of the New International Version (NIV) for over 30 years, he will switch to the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). The 1984 edition of the NIV is no longer in print or available on digital platforms such as, and Pastor David believes the changes made in the 2011 edition of the NIV are not positive ones, so he began researching for a new translation to use in the pulpit. After much prayer and examination, he landed on the CSB as his main preaching text for most Sundays.

We want you to bring whatever translation you prefer each Sunday, and we do not expect you to change to the CSB. However, if you would like to learn more about the CSB, see the articles listed at the right. Of course, you can purchase the CSB in the Green Acres bookstore or get a free digital copy at or on your favorite Bible app on your digital device.