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The Veteran Project, created in 2004, is a collection of 141 interviews as a tribute to individuals who served in the Armed Forces of the United States. The recollections are grouped into the following categories: World War II and the Korean War, Peacetime, Viet Nam, and the Gulf War.

Dr. Rita Bryant Turner was a catalyst of this project. Turner, along with Tom Kelly, recorded interviews with 33 veterans in 1998 but could not secure support for a churchwide project. Four years later when the Broadcast Ministry prepared a Veteran's Day video, Dr. Turner located and scheduled the veterans for the production. Church personnel conducted the interviews needed, and then the project was conferred to volunteers.

Dr. Darryle Dunks and Jennifer Dickson of the Forerunner Ministry provided the equipment and assistance to Leroy Baty, Leo Glover and Dr. Rita Bryant Turner, who video-taped military experiences related by veterans and veteran widows. Volunteers transcribed the interviews, including those taped by the church staff. Private funding was provided to finance professional editing.

Edited by Paula S. Yost of Heirloom Memoirs, Yantis, Texas.

Akin, Charles
Alexander, Jim
Allen, John
Anderson, Leroy *
Appleby, Paul
Aronhalt, Glen
Bailey, Harold
Barr, Grady
Baty, Lee Roy
Beaver, Homer B. *
Beckley, Robert "Bob"
Bowen, Morris
Brooks, Kenneth *
Burch, Arthur *
Burgess, Gerald
Burgess, Walter *
Burkett, Marshall
Callon, Gerald
Callon, Max
Calvert, Richard
Caperton, Buel *
Carey, Cleo
Carson, Dale *
Childs, John
Conser, Paul
Cranford, L. J.
Crank, Hansel
Dance, Ken
Daniel, A.L.

Dougherty, Gary D.D.S.

Doyle, Lonnie *
Drury, J. R.
Duhon, Bob
Dunn, Vernon
Evans, Dick *
Fielding, Emory
Freeman, James
Fritcher, Joe
Franks, Herbert
Gallagher, Pat
Getsee, Ken
Gill, James T.
Glover, Leo
Goad, William "Dick"
Green, Ray
Grooms, Randall
Hahn, Dale
Hairgrove, Bill
Ham, Coy
Hamilton, Sam
Hanna, Chad
Hardy, Jack
Harrelson, Dale
Henderson, Paul
Harwell, Ed
Hayes, Gene
Hayes, Jimmy
Haynes, Lemual
Hendrix, Ralph
Hickson, Joe
Higgenbotham, Sam
Hill, Buddy
Hill, Forrest
Hillier, Bud
Hood, Roy
House, Theodore M.
Houser, Marion
Hughes, Buck *
Jacobs, Bob
Jennings, Rex
Joplin, Ken
Jordan, Tom
Judy, George W. King, Harvey
Kinsey, Robert "Bob" *
Lamberson, Jerry
Lane, Richard
Land, O.C.
Lantrip, Tommy
Lawhon, Emmett
Layne, Mary Lou
Layton, Bob
Lee, Charles
Lester, Ben
Lindgren, Conrad
Long, Paul
Loudamy, Clyde
Lynch, Doug *
Maner, Raymond
Maness, Curtis
Marshall, Kenneth *
McCarter, Bill
McCollum, Charles
McCollum, Charles E. *
McSpadden, Mac
Merrell, James
Merriman, Gene
Merryman, Bob
Miller, Spencer
Morgan, Robie *
Orr, Alex
Ortega, Dennis
Owens, Thomas
Paine, Bob
Peck, Franklin
Phillips, Ray
Pickens, Charles
Pinkerton, Jack
Reed, Bennie
Rice, Buford *
Robertson, Bill
Root, Glen
Rushing, Harold
Sammons, Martin
Saunders, Rowland
Shirley, Don
Sinclair, Carroll
Smith, Al
Smith, Louis *
Smith, Ned
Smith, Perry
Stovall, Jim
Strother, Bill

Suggs, Lewis
Thompson, Bob
Tiller, Wayne
Tipton, Bob *
Trotter, Virbel
Turner, Austin P. *
Turner, Rudy
Underwood, Glenn
Wade, Lawrence
Walters, Ted
Waters, C.J. *
Waters, John
White, H.G.
White, Paul
White, Rex
Wilcox, James
Wilson, Howard
Wood, Wood
Woodin, Bob

Wofford, Arnold
Young, Tommy
While this entire Veteran Project is a tribute to the men and women who so faithfully served our country, this particular section remembers those whose interviews are listed, but have gone home to the Lord.
Anderson, Leroy
Army, WWII
d. July 08, 2006

Homer Beaver
Air Force, WWII

Ken Brooks
Army, WWII
d. July 21, 2004

Arthur Burch
Air Force, WWII
d. September 16, 2006

Walter Burgess
Navy, WWII
d. April 27, 2005

Buel Caperton
Marines, WWII
d. September 8, 2003

Dale Carson
Air Force, WWII, Korea
d. March 25, 2005

Lonnie Doyle
Air Force, WWII
d. January 2, 2002

Dick Evans
Army, Peacetime
d. March 29, 2004

James R. "Jim" Gulledge
Navy, WWII
d. July 25, 2006

James "Buck" Hughes
Air Force, WWII
d. February 22, 2004

Cliff Jones
Air Force, Korea

Bob Kinsey
Army, WWII
d. April 19, 2003

Doug Lynch
Navy, Korea
d. December 25, 2003

Kenneth Marshall
Army, WWII
d. October 2, 2005

Charles E. McCollum
Navy, WWII
d. April 8, 2005

Robie Morgan
Army, WW II
d. September 24, 2004

George Pylant
Army, WW II, Korea
d. February 18, 2006

Buford Rice
Air Force, Peace Time
d. May 19, 2006

Louis Smith
Navy, WWII
d. August 27, 2005

Judge William A. Steger
Army/Air Force, WWII
d. June 4, 2006

Bob Tipton
Navy, WWII
d. December 23, 2003

Austin Turner
Army, WWII
d. December 29, 1997

C.J. Waters
Army, WWII
d. November 20, 2005

Jim West
Army, WWII
d. June 2, 2006

Cecil Williams
Army, WWII
d. December 30, 2005