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Just So You Will Know: Keeping Up with GABC

July 22, 2018

IF YOU ARE one of those folks who prefers that things stay the same, this may not be a good time to be around Green Acres. As you may have noticed, work is in progress all over, from the roof to the floors. That’s not just because we like to keep things stirred up; it’s because our facilities are of the age that it’s time to update.

YOU LONG-TIMERS may not have thought about it but our “New” Worship Center is now over seventeen years old (!) and is beginning to show its age. The roof needs repair, the carpet and flooring is, for lack of a better description “a little ragged,” and it’s time to adapt some areas for new purposes.

THE ROOF over the Main Worship Center entry has been leaking for some time now. Work began to remedy those problems a couple of weeks ago. You may have seen the machinery situated in front of the columns, lifting workers and supplies as the old roof was removed and the new roof installed.

WORK IN THE BOOKSTORE and Library began just after July 4, replacing the worn carpet with brand new hardwood, much more suited to the wear and tear of that busy area. Of course, in order to accomplish that task, most of the books and shelves had to be removed, which means the Bookstore was closed for a couple of weeks. We hope to have it up and running shortly, perhaps even before you read this article.

AND THEN, in August, we begin replacing the carpet in the entire Worship Center Foyer, from the Welcome Center all the way back to the Choir Room. Can you imagine what condition your home carpet might be in if it was seventeen years old AND had more than 5,000 people walking on it every Sunday, not to mention a whole host of busy feet every other day of the week? Take my word for it — It’s time! That process is scheduled to begin July 30, and continue into August.

IN THE MEANTIME, near the end of this month, you will begin seeing work in Room 118-D, on the hallway between the Orchestra Room and the Bookstore, as that room is converted to offices for our Forerunner & Pastoral Care Ministries. They are currently in the Pastor’s office suite in an area that is going to be prepared for our new Teaching Pastor when that search process is complete. Ironically, if you’ve been around GABC for awhile, you may recall that all of the rooms that are currently in the 118 series began their life as offices when the Worship Center first opened. So, that area has long sense proven to be ideally suited for just that sort of use.

AND THEN, in the very near future, work will begin on the creation of the Connections Coffee Shop on the lower floor of the CrossWalk Conference Center. But, that will have to be the subject for a subsequent article. It seems there’s more going on at GABC than I’ve got room to fit into one week’s writing.

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor