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Just So You Will Know

March 26, 2017

THIS WEEK I’d like to take the opportunity to call something to your attention. It is very likely something that you’ve heard about before, but it may be something that just skitters through your consciousness, for any of a variety of reasons, the moment you hear its name. However, since it’s coming up again in just three short weeks, I thought I would call it to mind one more time in hopes that you might treat yourself to a truly unique worship opportunity this year–our Easter Sunday Sunrise Celebration.

EVERY EASTER SUNDAY for the sixteen years I’ve been at Green Acres, and for many years before, members of the Green Acres Family have met at sunrise on Easter Sunday morning to begin that pinnacle of the Christian year in a truly unique way (in outdoor worship), in a most symbolic place (a cemetery) as we celebrate the discovery of the Empty Tomb and the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus. That tradition continues this year on Sunday, April 16, at 7:00 a.m. at Cathedral in the Pines Cemetery on South Broadway.

IT HAS BEEN MY HONOR, along with David Riddle of our Celebration Choir, and Guy Bugg of our Broadcast Ministry, along with the phenomenal staff of Cathedral in the Pines, to conduct that Sunrise Service for the past several years. Every year the group of worshipers continues to grow (we welcomed over 350 last year), and the experience continues to expand in significance. But, rather than talk about what has happened, I thought I might give you just a quick overview of what to expect if you decide to venture out and join us this year.

FIRST, OUR WORSHIP starts promptly at 7:00 a.m., which means you should plan to arrive a little early. It will most likely still be dark when you drive in, so give yourself plenty of time to safely find your way. Once you enter the grounds, the Cathedral in the Pines staff will guide you to your parking space. You will then notice a large tent the cemetery staff has prepared (so weather is not a factor, although you might want to dress warmly), and you may even sniff out the fresh coffee and donuts they offer to early arrivers.

THEN, AS THE SUN begins to peek over the horizon, we turn our attention to that first Sunrise so many years ago, and what that Sunrise still means for us some 2,000 years later. Through the power of The Word, both spoken and sung, we reflect on the meaning of the day, of the Sunrise, of the place of burial in which we worship, and the incomparable Hope that it all combines to provide. And then, some 30 minutes later, we dismiss to continue the celebration of Easter with a fresh new perspective.

JOIN US THIS YEAR in Sunrise Worship on Easter Sunday–we think it’s the perfect way to begin the greatest Celebration of the Year.

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor