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Just So You Will Know

July 16, 2017

IT SHOULD BE NO secret that summers around Green Acres are one of the busiest times of the year. It only takes a quick glance at the Bulletin each Sunday to come to that conclusion. When you factor in Vacation Bible School, I Love America, all of the Middle School and High School mission projects and summer camps, combined with Children’s camps, Forerunner’s activities, and any number of other Summer Missions opportunities, GABC is basically on the go from the last day of school in June to the first day of school in August.

WHAT IS NOT so easily seen during these same summer months, however, is what is going on behind the scenes to prepare for the new ministry season that begins the first of September, while laying the foundation for the new year beginning in January. So, while the summer is still swirling around us, I thought I would take just a moment to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what is already going on in preparation for what’s just ahead.

OUR STAFF MEMBERS, participate in annual Staff Reviews beginning in the summer months. Personalized Staff Review forms, including individual goals, action plans, and progress updates are distributed at the end of June to ninety Staff Members in anticipation of a September deadline. Those review forms provide the opportunity to reflect upon each Staff Member’s accomplishments this year, outline the goals for next year, and provide a foundation for the work of the Personnel Committee when Budget preparation begins in October.

THOSE SAME Staff Members are also already planning, coordinating and, when necessary, negotiating with other ministry areas for dates for the New Year in preparation for what we call our “Big Rocks” Planning meeting. In one morning near the end of August, the Staff will come together to lay out the framework of significant dates and events that will provide the structure for 2018, and in some instances, lay the groundwork for work as far as two years beyond.

WHILE THE STAFF is preparing the framework for next year, our Finance Committee is beginning the process of analyzing our current budget status in preparation for the creation of the Budget for 2018. The work they do now will provide the guidelines for “putting the meat on the bones” of the ministry framework that the Staff is creating.

IN THE MEANTIME, we are busy preparing all of the information to guide you through the ministry season that is just around the corner. As new Sunday and Wednesday opportunities come on the horizon in September, you will have brand new Sunday Morning Bible Study and Evening Guides to acquaint you with the multitude of options that are available on Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Wednesday Evening, and just about every other night of the week for that matter.

IT SEEMS that summers at Green Acres really ARE one of the busiest times of the year!

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor