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Just So You Will Know

September 17, 2017

IF YOU ARE A REGULAR READER of these ramblings, you may recall that I am fascinated by “old sayings”—colloquial expressions that describe in practically descriptive language what might otherwise be commonplace phenomena. One of those saying from my own upbringing is, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.” That is obviously a cautionary observation that some things happen so quickly—“In the Blink of an Eye”—that they will pass you by even in the short span of time it takes to close and open your eyes (not to be confused with the similar, but distinctly different, “If it Had Been a Snake It Would’a Bit You”).

“DON’T BLINK OR YOU’LL MISS IT” came to mind when I mentioned to our Thursday Morning Administrative Specialists’ meeting that we would begin reviewing the calendar for November in our next meeting. As I thought about that fact, followed by just a bit of arithmetical extrapolation, it became quickly apparent that CHRISTMAS could not be far behind. In fact, as you read this on Sunday, September 17, Christmas is now just 99 days away!

NOW, I AM SURE that some of you are already way ahead of me in this regard. After all, it’s been “Christmas” in a few of our crafts and “big box” stores for several months. But, there is something about seeing it in writing or on a planning calendar that brings the fact into stark reality.

BUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW, I’m sure some of you are asking yourself, What is the point of all of this pre-Christmas rambling? Well, it’s simply this. In just a few short weeks it will be Christmas (whether you’re willing to admit it or not), which means that our entire Fall Ministry Season, which started just a little over a week ago, is going to blaze by in what seems like a flash—“In the Blink of an Eye.” While you still have time to enjoy the relationships that are found in a Sunday Morning Bible Study class, to find your place in a Sunday Evening study, to enjoy the Pastor’s study series in WEBS or our new Wednesday MidWeek Worship for young adults, to involve your children in AWANA and Kidz Praise, or as your Students find their place in Student Ministry and Choirs—that window is only open for a brief time, and then it’s gone.

SO, IF YOU ARE WAITING until “just the right time” to find your place at GABC this Fall, it is already almost too late. Get a Sunday Morning Bible Study Guide or Evening Guide today, evaluate your options, then make up your mind. Take my word for it, if you don’t do it now, it will be Thanksgiving, then it will be Christmas, and you’ll be making a whole new set of New Year’s Resolutions before you know it. Do not let another “blink of the eye” pass you by.

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor