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Just So You Will Know

October 23, 2016

THIS WEEK I AM DOING SOMETHING I recall doing only once before – repeating, almost verbatim, an article that I have included in this space before. However, the response both times it has appeared has been so great, and several questions that have come up in just the past few weeks tell me that it may be worth repeating at least one more time — it’s about Church Membership.

AT GREEN ACRES, we welcome all comers – members and non-members alike. The confusion comes, however, when over time, a non-member gradually begins to assume that, simply because they’ve attended for a while (maybe for several years), or been a part of an SMBS Class, or even contributed financially to the church, that they are members of the church; only to discover that they, in fact, are not. As a result, there are some opportunities that are set aside for members for which they are not eligible (this is where some of our most recent questions have popped up).

NOW, BEFORE I GO any farther, let me define what a church member at Green Acres actually is. A member of Green Acres Baptist Church is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, who has been baptized by immersion, either at Green Acres or a church of similar doctrinal belief, who commits themselves to the responsibilities and benefits of membership by “joining the church” — by requesting membership and completing the process to establish that membership.

IN OTHER WORDS, a member is a believer who has made an intentional commitment to belonging to and serving as an active part of the church and its ministries. Becoming a member brings with it the privilege of serving in positions of responsibility reserved only for those who have made that commitment — as part of one of our Committees; as a leader in our Sunday Morning Bible Study, age-group, or any of a multitude of other ministries; and, being able to have a voice in decisions brought before the church for consideration.

JUST A FEW OF the “benefits” reserved for members include having the opportunity to schedule birthday parties, reunions, family gatherings, weddings or funerals for your family in GABC facilities; being able to enjoy the resources provided through our Recreation Ministry (FLC, ROC, Retreat Center, etc.); priority placement on the application list for your child’s admission to the Early Education Center, etc. However, membership is really not about benefits; it’s about being a part of something so much bigger than the sum of all of our members combined. It’s about being committed to, and being a part of what God is doing in and through Green Acres Baptist Church.

ONE OF THE CLEAREST comparisons of the dynamics of choosing to be a member of the church, as opposed to simply being a “regular attender,” is that of committing to a marriage or choosing to simply “date” for the rest of your life. You may have never thought about it; but maybe it’s time to make that membership commitment. There is no better time than Now.

STOP BY THE Bethany Suite after Worship this morning. We’ll be glad to help.

Ken Warren
Senior Associate Pastor