Forms & Publications


The information here is designed to provide a more detailed perspective for those of you interested in how we do things at Green Acres, or who are looking for some help tapping into the resources available through our systems. Please feel free to explore the information you find here, and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is additional information you would like to see included. For further information contact Ken Warren, Senior Associate Pastor 903-525-1126.


Our Church Bylaws explain the framework of church membership, the deacon body, church officers, corporate officers, committees and tax exempt purpose.


The GABC Church Constitution outlines our principles of faith and basic beliefs explained in these areas: The scriptures, God, man, salvation, God’s purpose of grace, the Church, baptism and the Lord’s Supper, the Lord’s Day, the Kingdom, last things, evangelism and missions, education, stewardship, cooperation, the Christian and the social order, peace and war, and religious liberty.


The GABC Personnel Policies & Guidelines Manual offers information about employee standards and expectations, staff organization, recruitment, working schedule, leave, benefits, compensation, termination and usage of church property. The manual does not contain job descriptions.


The Stewardship manual contains instructions and guidelines on how the forms listed in the sidebar the right are used and other pertinent information.


Green Acres currently has 20 committees and nine ministry teams. The Committee Structure and Committee Guidelines documents describe the purpose, membership requirements and duties of each committee and team.


Each ministry at GABC has its own set of scheduling guidelines for events and/or services. The Deadlines & Due Dates Guide outlines the lead times each ministry requires for whatever service or event other GABC ministries wish to use.


The GABC Budget is more than just a financial document. It is a practical statement of our commitment to the purpose for which we exist. At Green Acres, we define that purpose with what some call “The Four Es.” Although you will see them as the four major sections of the budget, you may not as readily notice they are a common thread intertwining through every line item in the budget.

    Exalting God’s Greatness
    Evangelize God’s World
    Equipping God’s People
    Expressing God Love

    …through Jesus Christ our Lord