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The Missions Ministry is located on the second floor of the Lighthouse in the Administrative Suite

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East Texas Cornerstone Assistance
Missions Ministry

Missions Staff
Contact Us 903-525-1173
Dale Pond Missions Minister
Casie Cook Executive Assistant
Jason Smith Church Planting Catalyst
Andria Horton Director of Local Missions
Richard DeLeon Hispanic Ministry Coordinator
Stacie Tandy Village Friends Coordinator

Church Planting Partners

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Disaster Relief Team

The Disaster Relief Ministry is one of Green Acres’ busiest ministries. Volunteers work with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the local American Red Cross in ministering during natural disasters and terrorist activities. In the past the state convention has called out all disaster relief teams to help during floods and fire.

What can you do to help? You must be certified by the local American Red Cross and/or trained by the Disaster Relief department of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The team cooks and distributes meals or clears debris as needed during natural disasters. Green Acres Disaster Relief team has a shower/laundry unit that is deployed with a feeding unit during disaster relief efforts.

Volunteer Christian Builders

This organization consists of men and women from all backgrounds committed to serving churches in need. Southern Baptist churches from all over the country send in assistance requests for building new churches or additions to existing buildings. Through a state-wide network, VCB provides assistance in any stage of construction, from laying foundation to hanging drywall. Many VCB members live out of their RVs on site, while others may stay with church members on in hotels. Group members have also been available for projects at GABC or local missions projects.

If you would like more information about volunteering for the Volunteer Christian Builders, please contact the Missions Ministry at 903-525-1173.

Volunteer Qualifications

    • Desire to promote the Lord Jesus Christ and His love
    • Have adequate accident and hospitalization coverage
    • Willingness to donate one’s time and labor to the projects
    • Ability to follow the directions of the Crew Leader
    • Ability to take care of personal expenses to and from projects