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Central America

The country of Belize probably has the longest history of GABC involvement than any other area. Over the years there have literally been hundreds of GABC members on mission in this country. Currently, the main ministry focus is in the southern Belize where we connect with the LOL Orphanage and the “Josie House” project. Also, we continue to connect with churches and medical clinics Dr. Kerfoot Walker’s ministry, Chief Cornerstone, and the work of James and Jill Wortham through ICE ministries.

In the past few years we have had teams from several different ministries of our church on mission in Costa Rica. Men’s ministry, Women’s ministry, Families, Recreation, Students, and Celebrate Recovery are some of the ministries of our church that have been involved in the partnership. The most recent partnership involves work with the Yellow River Church in the Jaco area along the west coast of Costa Rica. Healthy Church conferences are being taught to hundreds of pastors and church leaders this year.

The country of Cuba has been an active partnership area in years past with several teams from GABC helping with evangelism, revivals, medical assistance, and encouragement to the churches in the Western Baptist Convention. We are working with the IMB in conducting Healthy Church and Healthy Pastor conferences, Mission retreats, and partnering with other US churches to bring much needed support to the churches in Cuba. Currently, we are also assisting the church at San Cristobal with their building project.

Now more than ever, Mexico is experiencing a great need for a spiritual awakening. For this reason, God has called David and Ruth Tamez to be missionaries in Mexico where he serves as President of the GH Lacy Seminary in Oaxaca, Mexico. This seminary is preparing the next generation of church leaders.

South America

Brazil is another country where GABC has a great heritage. Lonnie and Janelle Doyle left GABC years ago to serve as career missionaries in the northern part of the country, where they made great inroads with the Gospel Message before retiring back to Tyler (and later Arkansas). The Moses Project, led by John Mark Bellington continues to work and minister in Brazil. This medical ministry is making a difference for good numbers of individuals and families in the name of Jesus. The Moses Project is a key partner in our work in Brazil.

International Mission Board partners Fernando and Brenda Larzabal minister to more than 95 indigenous people groups in Columbia. GABC has become a primary partner with the Misincol Organization in partnering with national missionaries who desire to reach the many unreached people groups within Colombia. GABC supports the annual retreat for these national missionaries as well as supporting the university ministry led by the Larzabals in Bogota.

South East Asia

Through partnerships with local churches and former church members who have been led to South East Asia, GABC is able to share the Gospel in the Philippines, Indonesia and Fiji. The Word of Hope Church in the Philippines leads evangelistic crusade by bus, by boat and by a children’s mobile unit. Missionaries from Texas are sharing their faith through education and community ministry in both the Philippines and Indonesia. Baptist brothers and sisters in Fiji are being led through the Healthy Church series to develop stronger churches.


Can you imagine having coffee be such an influence and priority in your life that if you had nothing else to eat, a spicy brew with sugar and a kick of ginger would be enough to tide you over? That’s how it is for the Bean People, a people of 2-3 million located along the Red Sea Coast in Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea. Considered one of the least evangelized tribes on the continent of Africa, there are probably not more than 200 followers of Jesus in this people group. Please pray for the Bean people to hear and receive the Gospel message, to be discipled and form churches, which will exhibit God’s glory as they multiply.

In Liberia, GABC supports Rick’s Institute, a Christian school raising up the leaders of tomorrow through spiritual development and education. As the country rebuilds after a brutal civil war, Olu Menjay and his staff are committed to seeing a better life for their children.

South Central Asia

Central Asia is in one of the most unreached areas of the world. Disciple Training Schools, new church starts, and outreach has resulted in dozens of individuals coming to Christ and being baptized in recent months. Pray for continued safety and protection for our partners in this part of the world.

East Asia

Our East Asia Partnership focuses on cooperation and partnership with several International Fellowships is East Asia. We partner on projects including Healthy Church and Healthy Pastor leader training, work with Christian business men and participate in very effective work with university students through cultural exchanges and leadership training. Also, we partner with our Korean mission here in Tyler in medical outreach and leader training in the far northern part of East Asia. Our Chinese congregation continues to reach across the world as well as reach Chinese nationals in East Texas.

North Africa/Middle East

The area of North Africa and the Middle East presents some of the greatest opportunities for evangelism in all of the world. Though Christianity is not the dominant religion, we have developed strategic partnerships with some key churches and organizations in this region.

One such partner is Kasr El-Dobora Evangelical Church in Cairo. KEDC is the largest evangelical congregation in the entire Middle-East with more than 8,000 members. The challenges and accomplishments of this church are remarkable. We have partnered with them on several outreach projects and helped them make a difference in that region for Christ. Most recently, we have had teams there to help staff their summer camp outreach and evangelistic festivals.

In addition GABC supports former church members who have followed the calling of God in their lives and moved their family to the Middle East to encourage community development and share their lives.