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GABC has committed to helping First Baptist Church, Hull, TX and the Hull-Daisetta community with rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Harvey. It is our desire to walk alongside the church in reaching out to their neighbors who are in need during this time. Please join us in prayer for the Hull-Daisetta community and for strength for its residents to rebuild its community even better than it was before.

About the Hull-Daisetta Community

At least 85 of the approximately 300 homes in Hull have received flooding damage from Hurricane Harvey. This is a small community of about 600 people, part of a larger community of about 2,000 that includes Hull and Daisetta. The public school is consolidated with Daisetta, with about 300 elementary students. The elementary school received extensive damage and may not re-open until Fall 2018. Elementary students are currently bused to a nearby school. Most of the families in the community are involved in oil field work. The median age of residents of Hull in 2010 was 60 and in Daisetta, the Median age was 43. The community is approximately 50 miles from Houston.

First Baptist Church, Hull

The entire church campus received 12-18 inches of water. Basic clean-out has been done on a majority of the affected area; a small amount remains that needs to be pulled out. The church has approximately 40 in attendance on Sundays, but has also seen up to 50 students attend Wednesday night activities for children and youth.

Relief Agencies

THESE ARE THREE MAIN GROUPS through which you can donate and serve the South Texas community during relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief

They will be headed down to do cooking, clean up, showers, roof tarping, etc. as soon as the roads are clear for them. You must have a previous Yellow Cap Training that is up to date. The next training (nearby) is in Lindale on October 14, if conditions allow. You can register for or see the list of other training.

If you are Yellow Cap trained, contact Cookie Slate at or 972-754-4734 to let TBM know of your availability. The TBM Long-term Recovery team will be working to put together additional teams (no yellow cap training required) after the immediate needs have been addressed.

American Red Cross

There are several local shelters on stand-by. It is unknown what the exact needs are at this time, but they would be a good local connection.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse will be putting together day teams and trips once things settle down. They are currently accepting applications. While this is a work in progress, it might be good to get people registered now and wait for a call.